Welcome to Belivers Broadcasting Network-SL


Welcome to Belivers Broadcasting Network-SL

Our Aims and Objectives

BBN Councelling Service


To make a difference in people's lives and improve their well-being mainly
through communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ, disseminating relevant
information through radio and other media and providing other humanitarian

To serve as a catalyst for unity in the body of Christ and encourage
greater mutual understanding between members of different denominations;

To build a distinctively Christian radio station that is commercially
successful and remain focused to its mission statement;

To equip, nurture, encourage and build up the faith of Christians;

About us


In obedience to God's instruction he located Sierra Leone in an atlas and
embarked on a journey of faith. Though he faced numerous challenges yet he
overcame and BBN was established. In May 1993 the station was officially
inaugurated in Freetown.*

*Rev Leatherwood had an instruction from God to hand over the station to a
national. In 1998 it was handed over to the then Acting Manager - Ransford
Wright as President/CEO of BBN. This he did because he was convinced that
God has called Ransford to radio in Africa and anointed him for it.